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A little bit about me

 I'm Julie Turley.  I am a photographer from Henderson, Nevada.   I love the dessert & hate the cold.  My husband & I have 3, almost-adult boys.  The more boys I had, the more girly I became.  I can be a girly girl. (I won't let my hubby count my shoes. That's not important. Right?) But I can also enjoy a football game or a ride on my motorcycle. 

   Taking pictures truly makes me happy!  It leaves me pumped for hours.  Photography for me is like when you're going on your favorite ride at an amusement park.  Before the ride, you feel all of that excitement & anticipation. During the ride, you know which turns & dips are going to be the best. Then after the ride, you just want to do it again! 

   Some of my favorite pictures are the pictures that show "The Smile". You know the one.  The one that you look relaxed & amazing & the "real you" is shining through.  So I will direct you, but keep it light & fun, so I can capture the amazing you.  I will meet you at a chosen location & we will smile, laugh, & have a good time while I take pictures.   I like to prepare for a session by getting to know you a bit.    Please                            & tell me a bit about yourself & what you want to capture.  

   I am excited to hear from you!  


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